What is Pinhole Photography?

Pinhole photography is a method of image making that involves capturing light through the use of a lensless 'camera' in order to produce a photograph. 

It is based on the workings of the early Camera Obscura, by taking its simplistic means of visual reproduction (essentially a light-tight box partnered with a very small aperture), we can successfully create a photograph!

What is truly unique about pinhole photography is that there are no rules. More importantly, there is no right or wrong. A pinhole camera can be made from anything, a drinks can, a shoe box, a matchbox, a bin or a plant pot - if you can imagine it, it can be done!

What are you trying to achieve with The Pinhole Society?

The Pinhole Society is aiming to become one of the largest collectives of alternative photographic processes and pinhole practitioners to exist on the world wide web. I'd like to imagine that if somebody woke up one day and decided to find out a little more about pinhole photography, they could come here and have all the necessary resources to be inspired and amazed by the capabilities hidden within pinhole.

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