Corine Hörmann.

“In these images I am trying to give the viewer another gateway to reality.”

The aesthetic that Corine achieves within works such as ”The Wadden Sea” and ”Test of Time” is simply awe-inspiring. Her imagery transcends time. 

I had to know what drew her to pinhole photography…

“I started pinhole on the advice of one of my teachers in art school, Philippe Moroux. When I was a second year student he told me that as a viewer, he could not get into my world. I was making table top landscapes in the studio at that time. The reason why he couldn’t get into my world was because of the very small depth of field. He used a pinhole camera himself and advised me to do that as well; because of the infinite depth of field.

I took his advice and started using the Robert Rigby pinhole camera we had in
school and I instantly fell in love with the whole pinhole process. Having no
control, the amount of time it takes to make an image, and of course the
atmosphere it adds to the image.”

‘Time’ seemed to be an overarching theme through Corine’s work (as I suppose it is for all pinhole photographs?), but I wanted to know whether there were any other themes she follows.

“Yes, there is always this theme of time, and also emptiness and loneliness. The form
in which you see it has evolved over the years but the themes in themselves have not. In the very beginning after I finished art school my themes were slightly
different. I wanted to show emptiness and went to empty, open and desolate
landscapes to show that. But I always looked for this small details on
the ground to show in the foreground of the image. It could be a little flower
or a stone, some moss or whatever. The theme of time wasn’t there yet. Showing these small details on the ground is also the reason that I started to
take images from a low perspective.”

If I could encourage you to do one thing today, it would be to absorb Corine’s art and feel yourself transported to another dimension. Every time I view this work I am immediately lost within the world it creates.

Thank you Corine.

Get lost in her website by clicking here. Make sure you pay special attention to ”Iceland”, because it is absolutely bloody gorgeous.

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