Justin Quinnell.

A fair few years ago, I graduated from Falmouth University in Cornwall, England with a Bachelor of the Arts in Photography.

Although I didn’t know it then, during my very first week in my very first year I took a workshop on Pinhole Photography led by none other than Justin Quinnell.

Unbeknownst to me, that workshop would birth a love for Pinhole Photography that guided me through my degree and has continued to inspire my own creative process ever since.

Justin’s work is simply mad. Another word I’d enjoy using to describe it would be ‘bonkers’. Yet others would be; intriguing, immersive and entirely captivating.

“If you’re interested in something and find something fascinating. You’re not wrong.”

Turn your attention to The Life Of A Pinhole Photographer - Justin Quinnell, a short documentary-style video on, well, a day in the life of Justin! In it, he tells us what it is about Pinhole that is so attractive to him and why it can be such an incredible form of image making that literally anyone can get stuck into.

His gallery, is filled to the brim with a life time of photographic exploration. Armed with his limitless imagination, Justin pushes the boundaries of what we understand to be a camera by consistently reinventing it.

The message is clear: Pinhole can be achieved by anyone. Simply because there is no incorrect way of doing it.


Dan @ The Pinhole Society

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