Matko Vučica.

My name is Matko Vučica. I am 37 years old, born and raised in Croatia/Zagreb living and working in Estonia/Tartu. I like to identify myself with one quote that remained in my heart from the very first time I read it:

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” ― Anaïs Nin

I search for a way how to express myself. Most of the time this means exploring the world of the pinhole/camera obscura. I love medium format, panorama’s and absolutely adore slide film. In life I am a father, husband and medical doctor. Soul-wise; a dreamer and traveler. 

Why do you do what you do?
It brings me to a totally different level of being, not occupied with life issues but functioning in a parallel universe. An escape, one could say. Shooting with pinhole cameras offered me new perspectives on time - its essence in one frame. Its unpredictability, the experimenting, constructing your own cameras and above all taking photos with them.

What is integral to your practice? 

Ideas. Having time to think and explore and read. It is then when in a blink of a moment something is born, an emotion or thought,  that makes me produce on top of it. The final picture/series can be something completely opposite and on a first sight not connected, but for me the original emotion stays the same as in beginning. Another thing that is crucial for me is retrospection, going back through the archives, watching it over and over.  Being subjective can cause you overlook certain stuff, this way I give myself and my work time to mature to get maybe some other meaning.

Why pinhole? 

The feeling of time in one frame, almost palpable. Wide perspectives and endless possibilities getting lost in them.

Has your practice change over time? 

Small stuff fluctuates and changes over time, maybe those who know me and my work can say more objectively. One thing is for sure my process got a lot slower. Lack of time killed creativity and pushed me spending more time in archive. But do not get me wrong, I like to get lost in the “past”! In the last year or so I got interested more in alternative processes; cyanotype, salt print.

Is there a specific piece you’re especially proud of?

Airport series. 

And why? 

Because it is complete (there is a sense of closure) and it is very fulfilling to go through it from time to time. 

Again, in background of it there is love. Because of love I traveled often and being stuck in airports I documented it. For some it might seem like “street photography” in confined space, but for me it is emotional because that love changed my entire life.

From whom do you draw the most inspiration?

I am lucky that in period of formation as an “artist” I was surrounded by wonderful friends and artists whom from I learned and they are still an endless source of inspiration to me! Dario Matic (the one responsible for my street photography and the one who introduced me to pinhole), Tomislav Kruljac (a poet and bohem who uses and abuses photography) and Ksenija Spanec (her work is poetic and a true inspiration - also a pinholer) and many others as well…

What is your dream project? 

Panoramas. For some reason I am drawn to panoramic format. I would also like to be more involved in wet printing and alternative methods.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Find time and just shoot. Follow whatever the emotion you have in that moment and it will reward you, maybe not immediately, but in time.

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